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20th Maine Co. B ~ Biographies ~

Guest Book for Steve Weymouth

~ Biographies ~
Wilma T. Anders
Steve Weymouth
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20th Maine Company B Guest Book for

Steve Weymouth


March 6, 2008

Ray & Jane Legere

February 28, 2008

I always considered Steve an all around great guy, always interested in his children’s interests, and really seemed to enjoy being a member of the 20th. He wasn’t seen too often without a smile on his face and a cheery disposition. Even when I last saw him, and he wasn’t looking very well, he was so up-beat about his situation, always having a positive outlook.

We had many great conversations, and I really appreciated his intellect and wit! I so looked up to him, and considered him a close and trusted friend who anyone would have been most fortunate to have. I’ve missed him a lot, as I‘m sure everyone whom he‘s touched their lives has!

~ Eric McKendry (Scarborough, ME)

~  Steve Weymouth  ~
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