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On the Right_________ BY FILES INTO LINE!

2008 News
Vol.VII No.1
Vol.VII No.2
Vol.VII No.3
Vol.VII No.4
Vol.VII No.5
Vol.VII No.6
Vol.VII No.7
Vol.VII No.8
Vol.VII No.9

The 2008 Newsletters of the
20th Maine Volunteer Regt., Co. B


Joshua Chamberlain
Gettysburg, 2 July, 1863

Happy New Year !


Reenacting season is almost here again, only four more short months and we begin the best part of the year as far as I’m concerned.

Getting back together with comrades-in-arms telling old stories and telling lies. I hope this will work, as asked by Fran D’Errico... I’m trying to get this newsletter into the 21st century.

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   Newsletters by:
 Bvt Cor. PJ Smith
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