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July 26th, 2009

2009 News
Vol.VIII No.1

Newsletter Vol.VIII No.7 of the
20th Maine Volunteer Regt., Co. B


Joshua Chamberlain
Gettysburg, 2 July, 1863



COMPANY Business

Paul Dudley called the monthly meeting to Order in Madawaska on June 28.

  • The Secretary’s report was dispensed with,
    • moved by T. Brochu and seconded by F. Cassidy.
      • accepted by A. Custer and seconded by L.Thibodeau
  •  Sutler’s report was given.

Old Business –

  • Company decided that P. Dudley would be reimbursed if he were charged for the April Gettysburg Address
New Business –
  • Keith Richards Jr. resigned as sutler and the Board recommended that S. Babcock be his replacement
    • moved by T. Brochu & seconded Miss Rose,
      • accepted by membership
  • Dancing entertains for sutlery will be looked into.
    • Frank motioned the acceptance and K. Richards seconded – all in favor
  • Sutler will be reimbursed for gas at events the Sutlery is in attendance at Board’s request,
    • moved by Miss Rose, seconded by T. Brochu,
      • all in favor
  • The decision that the Sesquicentennial sea battle to be held at Ft. Knox is to evaluated for feasibility by T. Brochu, F. Cassidy & Miss Rose to be reported on when appropriate.
    • Moved by D. Coltart and seconded by A. Custer
      • all in favor
  • Board recommended that monthly meeting at events be held Saturday evenings,
    • T. Brochu made the motion and D. Coltart seconded,
      • all in favor.
  • * Board recommended to permit Ray Legere to obtain a debit card in order to Make purchases for the sutlery. Ray and Paul Smith will have the cards.
    • A. Custer motioned and Miss Rose seconded,
      • all in favor.
    • Motion to adjourn was made by T. Brochu seconded by A. Graves,
      • all in favor


    Newsletter by:
 Bvt Cor. PJ Smith

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