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Squeeze-up / Freeze-up Directions:


  • Take route 2 (Trans Canada Highway) to Moncton.
  • Once in Moncton area, look for exit 459 A-B (Elmwood Dr., Notre-Dame, Sainte-Antoine).
  • Take this exit. (While coming off exit stay left.)
  • At stop sign turn left to go to Notre-Dame, Sainte-Antoine (Route 115).
  • Travel this route for approx 3-4 mi.  You will come into a place called Irishtown.
  • Once in Irishtown, look for a large church on the left. A little past the church is the Ammon Road (sign for this road is on the right).
  • Turn left on 'Ammon Road', and proceed to the stop sign.
  • Turn right onto the McLaughlin Road. Go up the steep hill.
  • Once you come down the other side look for number 2493 (blue number signs)on the right side. (There is a sign Buckskinners Muzzle Loading Assoc.)
  • Drive in this road and go to the parking lot, then follow path to club house.

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