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20thMeCoB ~ Event Information


- Info/Directions -
Belfast, ME
Calais, ME
Cherryfield, ME
Farmington, ME
Fort Knox
Gettysburg, PA
Leonard's Mills
Lisbon Falls, ME
Madawaska, ME
OldTown, ME
Portage, ME
Portlnad, ME
Solon, ME
Thomaston, ME
Winchendon, MA
Fort Knox  ~  Prospect, Me. Bucksport Bay Festival

Set-up is any time on Friday afternoon. (Tent space is at a premium, so let me know how many will be there and if you have a tent.) Parade is at ten so we need to be ready to go by 9:15 and be at the parade site by 9:30!... Meeting will be Sunday morning... Take-down after 2 on Sunday...

Important Info:
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 07/21/08 Sent by: Paul Dudley

Raly to Fort Knox:
Bacause the arceological ground has not yet been dug we will not be able to tent on those areas;
The set-up will be the same as last year.
All Union military tents will be set-up inside the fort.Those not haveing tents will be able to stay either in the ordiance room, or the room next to the officers quarters. The Doc will occupy the main officers quarters.
The Rebs and their civilians will occupy the same section as last year.
Depending on the number of tents, there may be no flys allowed in the civilian area. Again, pending the answers I get as to the number of tents,
ALL military Union WILL be inside the fort and all Union soldiers must report for duty inside the fort at all times during visiting hours. During closed hours, soldiers may be anywhere they wish.
Set-up- Fri afternoon
take down- Sunday afternoon.
I need a person / tent count even if you have registered on our website before. If I don't get it, all fly (officers excepted, will be prohibted untill everyone has come in, which means noon Saturday). Ther will be no exceptions except the one already mentioned.
The sutlery will occupy the area just to the left of the portal (as usual)
Anyone needing muskets or other equipment (Gary bring your pants), please let me know.
Darlene & Joe, your after action reports are due! Please forward to Paul S. asap, so they can be included in the newsletter.
Roger D'Errico underwent open heart surgery this week. He is supposed to be going home today. If you wish to call him later, his number is: 947-5864.
Paul S. will be sending flowers to his home.
If you have ROADRUNNER you WILL NOT be able to contact me directly. Please do so through the site EVEN if you have already done so!
Drive safely and hope to see many at the Fort on this weekend.
Your servant,
Sgt P.Dudley
  1.  Because of new restrictions of where tents may be set-up, and the available space, we are going to have to depart form our normal set-up
    • ALL military must be set-up inside the fort.
    • ALL civilians must be set-up outside, to the 'right' side of the gate.
    • EXCEPTION- Provost may be located outside, 'just to the right' of the gate.
    • SUTLERY- set up outside, to the 'left' of the gate.
    • Rebs will set up in our normal location - but to the extreme right.
    This may cause some inconvenience but can't be helped due to new regulations.
  2. Since the Rebs are going to be greatly outnumbered, perhaps some of our Lads may be willing to put on that awful color for a scenario or two. Please let me know if you're willing to do so.
  3. Any military needing tents. please let me know. The company has two and there are others who may have an extra.  Paul Dudley

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