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20thMeCoB ~ Event Information


- Info/Directions -
Belfast, ME
Calais, ME
Cherryfield, ME
Farmington, ME
Fort Knox
Gettysburg, PA
Leonard's Mills
Lisbon Falls, ME
Madawaska, ME
OldTown, ME
Portage, ME
Portlnad, ME
Solon, ME
Thomaston, ME
Winchendon, MA
Montville Bicentennial ~ Center Montville, Me.

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07/30/07 10:36pm Sent by: Paul Dudley          Note: See "Bottom of Page" for "another new entry"! ~Eric
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 9:43 PM
Hi Paul,
I will be around if you need me call. I will be at the field on Friday. Many thanks for joining us. Contact me when you have #'s so I can plan lunch coffee etc. Take care Debi
Ps The roads will be marked with signs.

Montville Town Office 9:00 to 3:00 342-5544

From Augusta...

  • Start out going NORTH on ME-3 N toward US-201/ME-100/RIVERSIDE DR.  27.2 Miles  Map 
  • Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto ME-220.  5.7
  • Turn RIGHT onto CENTER RD.  1.1
  • End At 414 CENTER RD MONTVILLE, ME, WALDO COUNTY, 04941-4208, US 

From Belfast...

  • Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BELMONT AVE/ME-3. Continue to follow ME-3.
  • Turn LEFT onto CENTER RD
  • End At 414 CENTER RD MONTVILLE, ME, WALDO COUNTY, 04941-4208, US


07/30/07 10:11am Sent by: Paul Dudley

Members of the 20th!

I need numbers of people and tents that will be attending the Montville event this weekend.
They will be providing one meal so, I need to let them know the numbers & tents ASAP.
I will be sending out the directions plus a list of events that will be going on, this afternoon (or as soon as I receive them). One interesting one will be Hot Air balloons.
Hope to see all there.
Your servant,
Sgt .Dudley
(Sorry I didn't get this in 'till now!.. Great job Lois & Denny, really informative! ~Eric)
07/07/07 07:13am Sent by: Lee Phelps-Malta

Friday, July 06, 2007 9:40 AM - by:Lois McKeering

Hello Ladies,

Denny and I found Montville.  Really it is called Center Montville.  Truly the smallest center of any town anywhere.  The parade route is less than a mile and I think it has one house on it!!  The lady we talked to said the street will be filled with people who will be coming from all around.  We have choices as to where we set up. One is the field where most activities will be held but it has yet to be bush hogged and if it is wet it will be a mucky mess.  The other spot is a mowed lawn in front and beside of their new town hall.  Much better for the ladies dressing and tenting.  I also saw a hose for water and if they get it done perhaps bathrooms will be available.  I believe if it isn't done there will be handicap port-a-potties.
I will email The Pauls and let them know and hope they choose the better spot.  Also in the field they will have a trailer with a band playing and I do not know the hours,  this remind us of Madawaska????  It is 6 miles to the nearest convenience store and there is a one room school house a Grange or something like that and the old town hall which they use for historic things and that is it!!!!!!!!!!!  I will say what they lack in amenities they well make up for in enthusiasm.  They are so excited that we are coming and willing to accommodate.
It looks like one may have to day trip it, as I do not think there is anywhere to stay nearby at all.
Until Later..........Love,  Your Reporter Angel!!  Lois!

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