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06/05/03 (Thursday)
STEVE WEYMOUTH: passed away at 5:15 this morning after his year long boudt with cancer. 

I provide the following information for your consideration.  The family is sensitive about the timing with Tylers graduation on Sunday the 8th and is expediting the funeral process for Steve. 

The particulars are:       Brookings/Smith Funeral Home
                                    133 Center Streeet 
                                    Bangor, ME    942-8815

Wake visiting hours frames:    Friday  6th June   2-4   &  6-8 pm

Committal (funeral) services are planned for Sadurday 7th June 14:30hrs
or for civilians 2:30pm @ the Hermon Baptist Church on RTE 2 on the left before Hermon Center

I think it would be appropriate to provide graveside honors for one of our own and asking for any interested parties.  Be advised that I have yet to clear this offering with the family, but my sense is they would appreciate any effort "we" from Tylers/Steves re-enactment community.

Let me know of your interest or questions, I will try to do the best at this sad time. I request any and all volunteers to appear in uniform for the graveside so we can render honors to one of our own.  Please let me konw if you can come.

Dave Brandt

Augusta & Bangor Me:  I did talk with Judy Butler about June 14 in Bangor. She has spoken to David B. and understands we have two events this day. The ceremony in Bangor starts at noon, but if people wanted to go to Augusta first, it would be okay with her, she would like us to be in Bangor around 1630 for the closing ceremony of taking down the colors. I believe David B. and the musicians will be there.
I am going to do both, first at Augusta, I think it starts around 10am, then to Bangor later.
Paul S. has all ready left for Limestone, did not talk with him yet, he should be home tomorrow night.
Steve Morris
Madawaska:  As I mentioned before, Madawaska will be sponsoring us. They would like to get a head count.  Paul Smith - could you pass this request on the the other members?  Also, if anyone would like to see the sights(!!) of Quebec I will guide (not drive) to an interesting spot not far from Madawaska.  Friday night would be the best bet.

Dave Rand
John Pullen:  I've only heard from a couple of people on whether they will be in attendance for John Pullen's committal in North Amity at 1:00 on 6/7.  David Brandt and Roger from down this area have expressed interest.  David mentioned he could take his van if anyone needed a ride.  I will be up in Limestone tomorrow, forward any responses to Paul D. and me so we take a count.
El Presidente (Paul Smith)
Just a note about one of our re-enacting family:

Steve Weymouth (Tylers's Dad) went into the hospital on Thursday night (I think from what Tyler said) with some complications as Steve has been battling cancer for over the past year.  Steve has been in and out of the hospital Tyler has become accepting it as common place.

We called Tyler's family last night to check on a planned graduation party his family had planned to do Sunday.  In talking with Tyler's gram(mother) Steve was in a guarded condition and the family was staying close by.

I just spoke with Tyler's Mom (Judy) and Steve was reacting to medication and was feeling a bit better from last week but takes a while for him to communicate, but apparently stable.

Tyler did manage to get to his prom, he even brought a number (Judy said a dozen or so... quite the troop) of his friends to the hospital to show his Dad all the kids all dressed up. (What a kid)!!

Steve is in Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor  973-7000.

Their home address is: Weymouth
272 Forest Ave
Bangor, ME 04401

I'll try to monitor this situation and keep ya posted.

Please join me and family in our concern and prayers for one of our own.

Respectfully, your obedient servant.

Dave Brandt
Maine Reenactor
Washburn:  I have been working with the powers that be for the annual
Washburn Festival to get us a better encampment site.  The only good
site is in the Town Park, if we want to be visited, or across the
street at the gravel lawn where we were last year.  They don't have
room for us in the Park since they will be having even more arts and
crafts, so it is best that we don't participate.  We have been in
Washburn for many years, and we just don't pull much interest there.

Madawaska:  I was hoping that we could duplicate this great event
again.  I got their OK this past winter for another encampment, and
the C. of C. was agreeable, but I have requested $150 to cover costs,
as we got last year.  I have sent 2 e-mails about getting some pay
and have not received an answer.  Perhaps due to the Fraser Paper
layoffs they are tightening their belt, but it may be that the only
way we could participate is for free.  We need to discuss this and
see what we want to do.

Northern Maine Fair:  I only got an answer from Lloyd about this, so
I will notify them that we will not participate.

Limestone High School:  Ron Ericson has been contacted by this school
for a one day program - encampment, displays, drills, etc.  We can
pick any day during the first week of June.  They will pay $500 to
the unit and the cost of a substitute for teachers for participants.
This seems like to good a deal to pass up.  How about 300 for Co. B
and 200 for the Stragglers if we can pull this off?  Let me know by
e-mail or in person in Howland. 

Dave Rand

Good morning everyone,
    Got back yesterday from the film shoot tired and dead.  Supposedly they got a terrific shot of me playing dead in a wet hole.  The Canadian Company I  only expected about 11 rifles and ended up with 22.  Everyone got to renew old acquaintances and meet some new recruits.  I good size crowd from Company B went:  D. Brandt, M. Celli, P. Dudley R. Ericcson & little Mike, Alise and dad, B. Lannon, P. Smith, D. Wardwell, Tyler Weymouth, & the Weirzbicki family.
    The reason for the email, is that Ron Ericcson is looking for a wedge tent and I was thinking that I heard that someone who was giving up the hobby had one for sale.  Anyone know of a tent for sale?
   I received a tentative agreement to start a Civil War Roundtable at Old Town High School for the fall of 2003.  This would be inconjunction with Old Town Adult Education.  The students needing high school credit would attend for all 15 weeks and the individuals who are seeking enrichment would attend once a month.  I believe this program would stimulate both groups.  The students who are seeking credit get the program for free, while the other group would pay a nominal fee.  I will have some info at the Mall on Sunday the 13th, April for anyone interested.  Please remember that you are needed on Saturday at Ft. Knox for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Try to be there by 11:00, we need to hide the eggs.  The program begins by 1:00, if you can't be there for the hiding please come for the security.  Dress in your uniforms and bring your loaded weapons. ~Paul Smith
Musket Transportation into Canada:
I was in touch with Customs also, told them about our reenactments and was advised that US Citizens can cross the border with more than one musket (rifle), listed as his own, and pay only one fee of $50.00. This would save everyone who wants to attend from paying $50 each. He said that the forms that had to be filled out were available on the web. I have not looked them up yet, but if you cant find them, let me know and I will and forward the address to you. ~Terry Middleton

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