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20th Maine Co. B ~ On-Line!

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Member's Information Form...
Note: All statements are strictly confidential, and are only sent to the proper party(ies) involved.
If your personal info is asked for, it's only to confirm it's not a hoax, or those involved need to get back to you for conformation, and the like. ~Thank You

  • IMPORTANT! All contact information needs to be up to date, from the 20thMeCoB Members.
  • We would like to have an updated list, to be able to contact members in short notice of any changes.
  • Please fill out the following (where applicable), and click on the [Submit] button, at the lower right hand side of this page.
  • Name, Age & Title of - [Soldiers Private, or higher Rank] [Civilians, Blacksmith, Photographer, Seamstress etc.]
  • Please be sure to send any changes, corrections -and/or- additions ASAP! (Don't forget to put your Name in, so we know who it came from.)
  • Your =Swift and Accurate Cooperation is Deeply Appreciated.

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