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How -To's
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REMEMBER: the way we portray battles is closely scrutinized by the public! We must do our best to provide a fair and accurate portrayal of what we think happened during civil war battles, but we must also put on a good show in order to educate. In addition, we are doing this for ourselves! The more we put into it individually, the more we keep the experience fresh for our fellow members. And just maybe...maybe...if we take good hits for the rebs, they will take good hits for us!

IMPORTANT: do not take a hit with a loaded rifle!

  • At the moment of firing, raise your rifles and tilt back slightly to simulate the "kick"
  • Yell on the advances
  • Try to fall back in disarray and let the officers yell to keep the men in line with their fronts to the enemy.
  • When told to hold, stand tall and confident like a soldier, and be aware, but don't slouch
  • Pretend bullets are whizzing by striking your clothing, gear, knocking off your hat
  • When you take a hit, strip off your gear and leave it on the battlefield (but keep an eye on it and stay in the vicinity as gear is expensive!)
  • You can also writhe(agonize/squirm/wiggle) on the ground in pain when you take a hit, and fake a gut wound by unbuttoning the sack coat and looking for the wound. If it is in the gut, you are a goner for sure!
  • When we fire at point blank range at advancing rebs, a couple of members should FAKE loading and aiming and take a hit when the rest of the unit is firing at once. This gives a look of scattered confusion and interspersed hits that would actually happen in the battle. Remember: do not take a hit with a loaded rifle!
  • Work with the stewards on developing a wounded scenario for a field hospital
  • Wear bedrolls or soft packs if it is not too hot
  • Take wounds but recycle when you are out of view of the public. If you recycle, remember where you were hit and try to fight while keeping that area immobilized throughout the battle! NOTE: if your rifle falls on the ground it is out of action for that battle!
  • Vary how you take a hit:
    • scream
    • roll and crawl on the ground
    • take ligament hits and keep fighting
    • rip open clothing to simulate a gut shot
    • in the words of Tom Starr,"on the count of three...bloat"

~Writer Unknown.

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