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How to make an Officer's Field Desk

Description of how to make a field desk is under construction by Ray Bisio.

The last 4 pictures are photos of a reproduction field desk owned by Bob Sullivan (go to "" and looking under "online museum"). His desk was made based on specifications of an original in private collection, which is remarkably like the desk in the Francis Lord book (see photo below). The original was made from cherry wood, with brass handles, compartments labeled for various papers, it was 18 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 10.25 inches deep. On the back of the desk it has "CAPT. J.H. MURRAY Co. "M" 62 Reg Pa".

Desk 10-traveling / folding writing desk (source: William C. Davis book)

Desk 3-A Union Officer field desk made from hardtack box (source: William C. Davis book)

Desk 4-Jeb Stuart's field desk made from hardtack box (source: William C. Davis book)

Desk 1-An officer's field desk in Francis Lord's Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia v.3

Desk 2-Ambulance Corps photo with field desk at Petersburg 1864

Desk 5-Tom Sullivan's field desk based on the one in the Lord book

Desk6-Tom Sullivan's field desk

Desk7-Tom Sullivan's field desk

Desk8-Tom Sullivan's field desk

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