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Mrs. Sarah Chamberlain's (Wilma T. Anders) History and Portrayal.

Citizen of the Year

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Bangor Dailey News             'Click Here for Actual Write-up!'             Saturday, September 08, 2007
Brewer names citizens, businesses of year
BY NOK-NOI RICKER                
   BREWER - Two candidates stood out in the running for the city's Citizen of the Year: and instead of choosing between the two, city leaders decided to honor both residents.
   The two have provided extensive community service to the city and continue to do so, Mayor Mike Celli said Friday.
   Deputy mayor Gail Kelly, who also is the state director for U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe, and Wilma Anders, an avid volunteer, where honored Friday evening as part of the kickoff for Brewer Days, a two-day hometown celebration...
   ...Anders is a perfect representative of Brewer and the city's heritage, the mayor said.
   "Wilma Anders has worked tirelessly with the Brewer Historical Society," Celli said. "She has always portrayed Joshua Chamberlain's mother in the re-enactments."
   She was out of town Friday but was told of the award by phone.
   Each recipient was given a clock engraved with the words "Citizen of the Year".
   Along with Anders and Kelly, Two local businesses were honored for giving back to the community.
   "The main criteria is they have to have shown exceptional involvement in the community," Celli said. "That doesn't just mean giving money to certain projects; it means their employees get involved" in community events," he said...
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