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Popular Sutlers


.                    ~  S u t l e r s  ~                    .
     Dixie Gun Works
     Fair Oaks
     Fall Creek
     Haversack Depot
     JR Robinson Mercantile  (Finishing Touches)

     M.AFZAL    < Price List >

     Past Patterns

     Plowshare Forge


~  S p e c i a l t i e s  ~
     20th Maine Shop     (Freeport, Me.)
     Cabela's     (Civil War Guns)
     C & C Sutlery     (Uniform Special)
     E-Bay     (Civil War Auction )
     E-Gettysburg     (All Types of Civil War Items)
     Famely Heirloom     (Weavers)
     Middlesex Trading    (Prices ain't half bad!)
     Old Sutler John    (Cheapest Muskets in Town!)

     Online Magazines / Books     (8 Web-Sites)

     Traditional Fabrics Inc.  (Authentic Historical Fabrics)

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