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Amazing Grace!: (JHL) Like you have never heard it before! Check out the surprise in the second half. Four Tenors (Il Divo) singing inside the Coliseum in Rome.

Amazing Hug!

Amazing Hug!: (JHL) The woman in the video found the lion injered in the forest ready to die, fixed him up and gave him a good home!
Arab Tech: (JHL) Arab Technology Meets German Engineering!
Baggage: (JHL) Guy from Whales complaining about his suitcase. Funny!
Closed !
Damon Scott & Bubbles: (RMD) The monkey that thinks he's M. J. 
Christophers?: (JHL) Very clever! Will the real Christopher please...
#1 Click Award: (JHL) See if you can figure it out!
Cockatoo: (JHL) Snowball is a medium sulphur crested Eleanora cockatoo and he loves to dance and sing.
Dance Partner: (JHL) How's this for a great Dance Partner!
Dang Shoes!: (JHL) Take off them Dang Shoes!
Driving Under the Influence?: (JHL) Most people can't do that sober!

Feels So Good

Feels So Good: (JHL) This dog's got problems!
Flushing Cat: (JHL) How'd they make it do that!
Golf Thief: (JHL) Don't want no trash in my back yard!

How to Arrest a Terrorist

How to Arrest a Terrorist: (JHL) Pretty dumb of him to do that, much less doing any of it in the first place! Looks like he chose the wrong profession!

I Think I Can!

I Think I Can!: (JHL) A young Clydesdale, giving it all it’s worth... Touching!
McElway: (Roger D'Errico) Great Story about a boy with a challenge, that was given a chance in basketball!
Mother of the Year!: (JHL) An extraordinary women who does extraordinary feats, or should I say feets! 

Poor Chick!

Poor Chick!: (JHL) Hope I never become that Frustrated... Wow! 
Port-A-Potty Humor: (JHL) Wouldn't want to be in there predicament! 

Some Women!...

Some Women!...: (JHL) Should Just Stay Home!! Funny clips of women taking falls and stuff, in slow motion!
 The Watchmaker: (JHL) To 'Kids' of Any Age Between 0 & 150.
Totally Awesome!
Trick Shot!: (JHL) Now This Is A Trick Shot!

Tube Dance

Tube Dance: (JHL) Have no idea how that can be done, but it's fantastic!
Watch Out!: (JHL) Makes one think twice about fishing on a big lake!
What!: (Roger D'Errico) What happens when a Japanese baby is born? 

Who Let the Dogs Out!

Who Let the Dogs Out!: (JHL) Dogs sure know how to get in a whole lot of  trouble!
Why 15 mph?: (JHL) Why Toll way EZ pass lanes are 15 mph!
(MUST see video)

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