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20thMeCoB ~ Event Information

Conway Celebration & Windjammer Days

- Info/Directions -
Belfast, ME
Calais, ME
Cherryfield, ME
Farmington, ME
Fort Knox
Gettysburg, PA
Leonard's Mills
Lisbon Falls, ME
Madawaska, ME
OldTown, ME
Portage, ME
Portlnad, ME
Solon, ME
Thomaston, ME
Winchendon, MA
Conway Celebration & Windjammer Days
Rededication William Conway Memorial ~ Camden, Me.
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Parking Info           >>> (See bottom of Directions page.) <<<

Submitted by Bootlicker on August 30, 2006 - 5:12pm.

Parking for OVERNIGHTers...
It will be at the American Legion Hall. There will be someone at the museum Friday afternoon to direct you to the location. It is about a 5 min. walk back to the museum area. I would recommend unloading at the museum and then parking the cars at the Hall.

For the Saturday only participants...
The parking is in the Hannaford parking lot in the area near the Bangor Savings Bank. Again, it is just a short walk to the parade form up area.

Pvt/Lt Craig Young
3rd Maine, 29th Georgia, & Dirigo Base Ball Club


08/29/06 Sent by: David Brandt
     Below is the info I presently have for Conway Days (press release) and
Parade info.  If you need a detail re-enactor schedule let me know.
Also Lee would like to know if you are interested in dinner Saturday.
Dave B
     Parade form up is at 8:am but day trippers should be there by 7:30am.  The location is Camden Street which is at the intersection of Rt 1 (Elm Street) with John Street & Camden Street.           >>> (See bottom of Directions page.)

08/26/06 Sent by: Paul Dudley

I need a head count for Conway days ASAP. Lee is going to do dinner and needs to know how many are coming.
Her e-mail address is:
Eric S., she needs to know if you'll be doing any cooking. Gary, please get in contact w/ Lee. Mike C, also, please get in contact w/ her.
Set-up will be on Friday eve w/ the parade stepping off at 9!!!___________________________________________________________________

08/21/06 Sent by: Lee

Conway Days:
Set up after 4 on Friday. Sept. 1 ----  Parade form up at  8  a.m. Sat. --step off at 9 a.m.,  Ceremony at 10:15 .am. open to the public at at the museum / Conway House grounds. Living history throughout the day.


07/31/06 Sent by: Paul Dudley

Subject: Conway Days Celebration Information

Conway Days Celebration Information
Please email with questions.
PS... I will need head counts from each unit as to both parade participation and camping tentage requirements. please email as soon as possible with your units information.

This is a paid event and should be a fun time, so please come and enjoy this event with your friends.


07/18/06 Sent by: David Brandt

To bring Light to our 2006 Labor Day weekend event,

1) The C-R-L Chamber of Commerce is the host for Windjammer's Days which is
on the same weekend.  Their website is up and has the schedule for their
event only.

2) The Camden - Rockport Historical Society is the host for the Conway
Celebration which we are participating in with a parade on Saturday morning
and living history encampment on Saturday (all day) & Sunday (1/2 day).  We
can set up camp Friday afternoon and might have a Vintage Base Ball
demonstration match on Sunday afternoon.

3) I will talk with our contact person for this event and send an update as
soon as possible.  I will give an event update at our next unit meeting and
start a sign up sheet too.

I am seeking volunteers to help with this event, so please email me if you
are interested.

Conway Celebration & Windjammer Days September 2 &3, 2006
Camden, Maine

There will be a very special celebration of the August 30, 1906 laying of the Conway boulder memorial. It honors William Conway who, during the civil war, refused to lower the American Flag at the Naval Station in Pensacola Florida. At the 1906 ceremony, Joshua Chamberlain was the parade marshal and a guest speaker.

We have been invited to participate in a parade on Saturday of Labor Day weekend 2006. Also, the 3rd Maine has been asked to set up a living history encampment for the weekend. The Town of Camden and the Camden - Rockport Historical Society have requested that the 3rd Maine and 20th Maine consider this request and reply by January 2006.

I will be at a planning meetings this Tuesday and will keep you informed of the details as they develop. Both the 20th Maine and the 3rd Maine are considering this event for their 2006 calendars. Charlie Plummer is available to portray Joshua Chamberlain.

If interested, please Email me . This is my hometown and this event is very important to me. I would deeply appreciate your support with this event.
Craig A. Young

William Conway is remembered for an act of heroism while he was Navy Quartermaster stationed near Pensacola, Florida in 1861 just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War.  When ordered to haul down the Stars and Stripes by a southern secessionist superior, Conway refused declaring, "That is the flag of my country.  I have served it all of my life.  I will not haul it down."  He was arrested and placed in irons.  He was later released and continued to serve in the Union Navy until the end of the war.  A tablet memorializing his brave deed was placed at the corner of Elm and School Streets in Camden in a great Conway Day celebration in 1906.   

Pvt/Lt Craig Young

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