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Recruiting Form...
Note: All statements are strictly confidential, and are only sent to the proper party(ies) involved.
~If your personal info is asked for, it's only to confirm it's not a hoax, or those involved need to get back to you for conformation, and the like. ~Thank You
Welcome to the
20th Maine Company B ~ Reenacting Community!
Please read information (IMPORTANT!) at the bottom of this page-FIRST!
Soldier's Title(s) = Private (or- higher Rank, if exception is applicable, like Medical Officer), Musician, Artillery, Cook, etc.
Civilian's Title(s) = Civilian, Cook, Sutler (Store Keeper), Blacksmith, Photographer, Quilts, Seamstress, Cobbler, etc.
Arm/Serial Number(s) = If you have fire-arms, it would be a good idea for us to keep a record on hand for your protection.

Last Name / Date
First Name / Gender
Date of Birth
(Active) Soldiers &Title
(Active) Civilians &Title
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Mailing Address 2
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To Join, please fill out the form above, then present Form and $20.00 by one of these 2 ways...
(NOTE $20.00 covers the whole family!)
  • By Mail ($20.00): Fill Out this Form and [Submit] it...
    Then send
    $20.00 by mail,*see below.

  • By Hand ($20.00): Fill Out this Form, and [Submit] it, -or- (Print it)...
    Then bring $20.00 to one of
    our next events
    . (With Printed Form, if you did not [Submit] it.)
*If sending By Mail...
Please send your $20.00 Check -or- Money Order right away! (Please, No Cash!)  
Make payable to: "Company B, 20th Maine".
Send to:
Company B, 20th Maine
c/o Paul Smith (Paul Dudley will get it!)
P.O. Box 120
Old Town, ME   04468

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