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February 27th, 2008

2008 News
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Newsletter Vol.Vll No.2 of the
20th Maine Volunteer Regt., Co. B


Joshua Chamberlain
Gettysburg, 2 July, 1863



Some people come into our lives and quickly go.

Some people stay awhile and help us become more than we ever were before.

They leave footprints on our hearts,

and we are never ever the same.

Wilma (Mother Chamberlain) Anders

1932 – 2008




30 Co. B Meeting


24-27 Gettysburg
Adopt a Position


? Funeral -Mother
Chamberlain Bangor

25-6 Memorial Day


Jefferson Davis BD
& PJ Smith BD


Company Business

  • P. Dudley called the meeting to order at 12:03.
  • P. Smith read the secretary’s report and R. D’Errico moved & J. Wiezbecki seconded, the report was passed.
  • P. Smith read the treasurer’s report and R. D’Errico moved & D. Wardwell seconded, the report was passed.
  • Correspondence – R. D’Errico – sutler’s catalogue special.
  • Old Business –
    • R. D’Errico – Website
    • Problem of miscommunication at July encampment.
    • Explanation by P. Dudley – J. Wiezbecki motioned to table discussion, J. Audet seconded.
    • Situation of what to use and not use at the Salmon Club – problem of miscommunication.
  • New Business –
    • Wilma Anders was terminal with cancer.
    • Frank motioned that April meeting be cancelled, Keith seconded. All in favor.
    • Creation of 2008 calendar
    • Safety proposal – David Brandt will head the draft committee
    • Postcards for the sutler
    • Pay Duane for the lumber used for the making of wooden guns and knives.
  • Motion to adjourn – K. Richards, seconded by D.Wardwell, all in favor.

    Newsletter by:
 Bvt Cor. PJ Smith
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