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November 08th, 2008

2008 News
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Newsletter Vol.Vll No.9 of the
20th Maine Volunteer Regt., Co. B


Col. Joshua Chamberlain
Gettysburg, Penn. 4 July, 1863



Over the Columbus Day Weekend, the Batty’s and the McKeerings went to Gettysburg. The men were going to a Civil War seminar. The ladies were going to enjoy the experience that is Gettysburg.

The seminar was a huge learning experience for T and Denny. Ed Bearss, famous from the History Channel was their tour guide and what an amazing wealth of knowledge he is. Eighty-six years young with a mind like a computer.

We left a day early to get in a few sights before the evening seminar. On Friday morning, at first light, we left to go to the 20th Maine Monument. The fog hung close to the battlefield, the colors of the trees on the winding roads approaching Little Round Top, with the sun mixing in rivaled any stained glass windows in a church. We journeyed to the monument with a mission, to pay final tribute to Wilma AKA Sarah Chamberlain. After her funeral we had retrieved one of the white roses that had been placed at her gravesite and knew it had to be brought to the 20th Maine Monument. It was not widely known but Wilma had purchased one lottery ticket on a weekly basis hoping to win enough to get to see Little Round Top one more time...


As we all know illness ended her dream. The rose, some acorns and a mourning ribbon were placed at the monument. T said a few words over the humble treasures. Stepping back the sun broke through over the 20th Maine Monument in a stream of beautiful light. Perhaps it was Wilma letting us know she was pleased.

Respectfully submitted,
Lois McKeering





01 Annual Company meeting Ft. Knox - 9:am

11 Veteran’s Day Parade Bangor



6 Christmas Party Eddington Salmon Club









for more info.

- In Bloom -

Sep 11th, 1932
To "Vacant Chairs".
Feb 16th, 2008
So Loved and now
To "Wilma T. Anders' History and Portrayal".
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Company News

-The meeting was called to order by P. Smith at 9:00 am

-The Secretary’s report was read.
  •  D. Wardwell moved that the report be accepted as read, S. Morris seconded.
    • The motion was carried.

-The Treasurer’s report was read.
  •  D. Wardwell moved that the report be accepted as read. T. Brochu seconded.
    • The motion was carried.

-Old Business

  • Upcoming Leonard’s Mills event was talked about.
    • D. Wardwell spoke of the need for wooden rifles for the sutler.

-New Business

  •  Appeal by Corp. Brochu to keep his rank.
    • A quorum of the executive board accepted his appeal and recommended to the Company to keep the Corporal at his current rank.
      • All agreed to keep the Corporal – there were two abstentions.
  • Election information.
  • Look for new ideas to do at a Ft. Knox encampment.


  • Duane moved to adjourn, Darlene seconded.
    • Motion carried

    Newsletter by:
 Bvt Cor. PJ Smith
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