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Brain Cramps: (JHL) Funny things people have said.
Cowgirl: (JHL) Funny story about a cowgirl in a bar.
Darwin Awards: (T. Batty) Stupid things people have done. Unbelievable!
Dementia: (JHL) You may not be as smart as you think!
Dog Letters to God: (Paul Dudley) Cute things dogs might say, if they could.
Idiots!: (JHL) Heard about the two duck hunters from Wisconsin?
More Maine Jokes: (Peter Knowles) Jeff Foxworthy on Maine.
New England: (JHL) Jeff Foxworthy on New England.
Press '1' for What?: (Roger D'Errico) What Old Duke Said?...
Well I tell ya!
State 'O Mainer: (Paul Dudley) If you are a real "State 'O Mainer"...
Stella Awards: (JHL) Stupid things people sue for and win! Unbelievable!
The Bricklayer: (JHL) Possibly the funniest story in a long while.
The Good Old Days!: (JHL) Remembering the Good Old Times!
Do you Remember?...
They Walk Amoung Us: (JHL) There's a lot of dumb people walking around!

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